• Jace Sime

Tiering It Up: RB - A Tier Based Breakdown of my Top 30 RB's

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Draft season is only a month away and with that, we have the cheat sheets printing and mock drafts running to gear up and prepare to dominate the 2021 season. It's easy to find player rankings and cheat sheets online as you can go to any mainstream Fantasy website and generate one. Some sheets will give you top 200 breakdowns and some will be positional but the on thing I always recommend to everyone going in to their draft is this: Draft using tier based rankings

Tier based is the smartest way to draft as it shows you the comparative positional value for where you at in the draft and what kind of value you can be looking at next round. For example:

you're in the middle of the 3rd round and you still have tier 2 WR's on the board but there's only two tier 3 RB's left. Based on this info, you know that if you pass on RB you'll likely be dropping an entire tier and losing a ton of value at the position in round 4. You should still be looking at tier 3 WR's next round, however, so the wiser pick would be to take RB here and build on your depth while still netting good value at WR. Hopefully that all made sense to you and if not, check out this example of a tier based cheat sheet to give you a basic overview to better understand. That being said, below is a dive in to who I have ranked as the top 30 RB's going in to the 2021 season. I tried to make it a clean, easy to read run through so I hope you enjoy and that it helps you in deciding who to go with in your drafts next month.







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