The Hosts

Longtime friends and sports rivals, Jace and Cole shared a vision to start a podcast. Rather than ponder on that dream, they decided to get after it! In only a few short months, they had a commercial space, recording equipment, and taught themselves the software! That was the foundation and with a 6 pack and daily topic, we have the Beers N Bullshit Podcast! 

Cole Blenner

From Rapid City originally, I have been an avid fan of sports since I was a kid. If I wasn’t talking about sports, then my passion has been debating and discussing any topic that comes up. This all came to a head in January 2021 when we launched Beers N Bullshit. Not to be contained, I started our other brand Rushmore Sports Addicts in March of 2021 and finally in May founded Fishing Elephant Media to wrap it all under one roof. When I’m not working, these projects have been my passion and we are excited to share that with anyone who will listen. Thank you all for the support, without you, we are just two guys in a room.

Jace Sime

A Rapid City native, I love a handful of things in life but atop my list is: My wife, family & my dog, this beautiful area we live in, football, and beer! Luckily for myself, I found an outlet to talk about and enjoy these finer things in life. I'm so excited to get to co-host Beers N Bull and hope every one of you find the podcast enjoyable.

Layne Brings Plenty

Rapid City born and raised, a huge sports fan since day 1 and I am absolutely thrilled to be apart of the fun team we have here at RSA.  As you already know we have all been fans of the sports world for quite some time, now we have a platform to share our thoughts thanks you to you guys. I featured on the first Beer N Bullshit episode and have not looked back since. Yes that really is my last name and yes my laugh really is that obnoxious, please enjoy.